2020Tet Introductions

We have 21 Tet
 intros  for 2020
14 Teeth Daylilies
6 Ruffled Daylilies
and 1 Sculpted.

One Dip this year
that is not included in the Tet Collection.

Tet Collection price $2.000.
You get all 21 Tet intros.

 A savings of  $1.150
if bought individually.

King Bee


Vampire King

Crown Of Kings

Predator Drone

Sex a Peel  

Sith Lord

Dagger Mouth

Trigger Fish

Sea Wolf

Shards Of Glass

Phantum Menace

Johnny Quest

Gin And Tonic

Little Deuce Coupe

Pucker Up Buttercup

Ruffled  Kisses

Hawaiian Cocktail

Thunder Snow

Tropical Kiss

Jamaican Snowball



Mind Eraser


2019 Tet Introductions

We have 18 Tet
 intros  for 2019
13 Teeth Daylilies
2 Ruffled Daylilies
and 3 Sculpted.

Collection price $2.000.
You get all 18 Tet intros.

 A savings of  $1.000
if bought individually.

Master Of Arms

Grand Zeppelin

Blood In The Water

Double Daggers

Megalodon Shark

Sabertooth Truffle

Alien Technology  


Scarlet Dragon

Chamber Of Horrors

Thunder Island

Sea Scorpion

Dracula's Castle

Barefeet Retreat

Rainforest Raptor

Dragon Storm

Montana Moon

Hawaiian Honey


We have 6 Dip Intros for 2019

Collection price you get all 6 Dip intros. $550

A savings of  $125.
if bought individually.

Keel Billed Toucan

Hawaiian Sunbird

Violet Crested Hummingbird

Rainbow Lorikeet

Livingstone's Turaco

Golden Mantled Rosella


Tin Man's Heart

Painted Dragon


Pleasant Valley Sunday

Ohio Shooting Star

Violet In Your Eye


Tequila Cowboy


Hemaholics Anonymous

Northern Mecca
Region 2