2015 Tet Introductions

We have 16 Tet
 intros  for 2015
8 Teeth Daylilies
8 Ruffled Daylilies

Collection price $1875.
 A savings of  $800.

Vampire Academy

Land Of Glory

Love At First Bite

Velvet Flair

Whitetip Reef Shark

Tiffany Art Glass

Deadly Encounter

Summer Angel

Dragon Fury

The Andromeda Strain

Sharkbite Summer

Violet Vixen

Wild Bite

Tangerine Lace

Tasmanian Tiger

Spirit Horse


2015 Dip
We have 10 Dip Intros for 2015
Sorry 2015 Dip Collections are Sold Out
Collection price $1,000
A savings of  $500.

Red Star Of Krypton

Gilded Dragonfly

Irish Thunder


Northern Star

Dragonfly Dance

Ripples Of Romance

Ribbon Dancer

Little Arrows

Spring Carnival

2014 Tet Introductions

We have 16 Tet
 intros  for 2014
8 Teeth Daylilies
7 Ruffled Daylilies
and one Spider

Collection price $1800.
 A savings of  $700.

Armed To The Teeth

Emilio Suarez

Kiss Of Darkness

Sunset Ruffles

Shark Infested Waters

Vanilla Twilight


Bea's Afternoon Delight

Body Snatchers

Quest For Fire

Highly Venomous

Sweet Autumn Mist

Sense Of Danger

The Ghost And The Darkness

Fangs Of Fury

Jamming The Radar

2014 Dip
We have 10 Dip Intros for 2014

Collection price $850
A savings of  $350.

Star Of Kryptonite

Emerald Tree Boa

Romulan Star Empire

Lemon Drop Lollipops

Wings Over The Rainbow

Purple Teardrops

Ride The Lightning

Anti Matter

Rivendell Dreams

Outside The Box

2013 Tet Introductions

We have 16 Tet
 intros  for 2013
8 Teeth Daylilies
7 Ruffled Daylilies
and one Spider

Collection price $1750.
 A savings of  $650.

Van Helsing

Pussycat Swallowtail


Seasons In The Sun


Angel Constellation

Vampire Slayer

Debbie Parrella

Puff Adder

Dan Bachman


Moonlit Gold

Jade Dragon

Casting Crowns

Thistle Ridge

I Dreamed A Dream


2013 Dip
We have 10 Dip Intros for 2013

Collection price $800
A savings of  $350.

Crimson and Clover

Horse of A Different color

Shards Of Kryptonite

Fortress Of Solitude

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Emerald Empress


Point Of Impact

Robyn Zimmann

Eye of Thundera


2012 Tet Introductions

Collection price $1600
 A savings of  $525.

Deadliest Catch

Anna Irene Polston

Pastor  Z

Sailboats And Sunsets

Blue Ringed Octpus

Dragon Tattoo

Pink Piranha

Woolly Mammoth

Silver Bullets

Egyptian Angel

Born To Bite

Jules Verne

Serpent Moon

Dazzling Display


2012 Dip

Collection price $350 A savings of  $175.  


High Definition

Emerald Lacewing

Bill Kessler

Shadow Master



Bite Me In The Neck

Beyond The Big Bang


Portrait Of An Angel

Joyce Zimmann

Dragon Lace

Shadow Of The Wolf

Northern Dazzler

On The Prowl

Pink Hawaiian Sunset

Swimming With Barracudas

Shirley's Shangri-La

The Beast Within

Wild At Heart

2011 Dip

Drop Shadow

Kaleidoscope Kisses

Lightning Bugs In A Bottle

Kristen's Curl



Red Ragamuffin
Riding A Chainsaw
Miss Kitty Perkins
Ground Control To Major Tom
Angel Of Beauty
Swimming With Sharks
The Outer Edge
Nina Vanhorn
Wrapped In Ruffles
Shadow Dragon
Once Bitten
Horned Viper


Interview With A Vamipre

Northern Mecca

House Of The Sun

Crested Dragon

The Fifth Element

Ice Dragon

When Stars Collide


Kingdom Of Angels

Gina Rizzo

Born Of Magic

Road To Hana



Wild Hair

Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding

Long Tall Blond

Lipstick And Ice Cream

Dark Side Of The Moon

Bring Home The Gold

Ticket To Paradise

Art Glass

Jack O Lantern Candy

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Star Stuff

Missing Link


2007 Introductions

Dragon Empress

Bob Faulkner

Forever And A Day

Dragon Slayer

Angel's Landing

Day Of Magic

Strike A Pose


Virgin Snow

Crash And Burn

Brush Of Angel Wing