The Andromeda Strain                Interstellar Angel

Due to circumstances beyond our control The Andromeda Strain will no longer be available in the 2015 Tet Collection.
It didn't fare well through our last harsh winter... I will be substituting it with another new Pleasant Valley Gardens
2015 introduction called Interstellar Angel...

Interstellar Angel: (2015 Polston) 34" 5.5" 3-4 way branching, 18 buds. Dor Tet...
Pinched Rose/red bitone with a green throat. Very consistent in form and color.
Ruffles And Ribbons x Seedling. Fertile both ways... $150 SF.

(2015 Polston) 35" 5" 3-4 way branching, 15+ buds, Dor, Tet.  (Ruffles And Ribbons x Set The Style). This pinched form is a favorite style we enjoy
working with. This one blooms with nearly 100% consistency. The green throat flows out into the pale coral-pink blooms. Accentuated
with large looping ruffles, this outstanding  selection will be a joy in your display garden. Fertile Both Ways.............$150 SF