Pleasant Valley Gardens

Doug Sterling & Heidi Douglas

Tom Polston & Heidi Douglas                                                   Heidi & Charles Douglas                        

Thomas Polston,  Mike Longo,  Doug Sterling,  & Regina

Leslie Nolan,  Doug Sterling,  Pat Wessling                        Leslie Nolan, Tom Polston,  Pat Wessling

 Pat Wessling & Doug Sterling.

Liz & Jeff Salter, Tom Polston,  Doug Sterling, & Dave Jackson

Tom Polston,  Annette & John Rice

Annette Rice Feeding The Horses

 Sarah Zolock,  Doug Sterling & Tom Polston

"Bus Group" Jane Saliaris, Steve Zolock to name a few!

Doug Sterling & Debbie Friedlander

 Debbie Friedlander & Doug Sterling.                               Tom Polston & Debbie Friedlander

Dwain ("Chief Weeder" Debbie's Husband) Amber Palmer, Debbie Friedlander & Doug Sterling

 Pat Wessling,  Doug Sterling, Leslie Nolan & Gisela Meckstroth

Shirley & Tom Farmer

JR Blanton & Heidi Douglas                                                           Debbie Friedlander & Doug Sterling.

Doug Sterling, Steve Moldovan & Curt Hanson

Joel Thomas Polston,  Diana & Bill Waldrop.
Tom Polston, Gary Jones,  Doug Sterling & Tina Cutter.

Kristen Zimmann, Tom Polston & Joyce Zimmann.

Tom Polston & Kim McCutcheon.                                                   William Marchant & Tom Polston.

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